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Last Revised : 18th Aug, 2021

You can simply deposit with following coins to your Cryptex Wallet:

PULSE – PLS ( Soon )

You can easily find your address as follows:

Go to your Cryptex Wallet (Balances) from your profile menu.

Click “Deposit” for the amount you wish to deposit. Copy the deposit address provided.

From your external wallet/exchange/etc, send your coins to your Cryptex deposit address.

At a very basic level, “staking” means locking your crypto assets in a proof-of-stake blockchain for a certain period of time. These locked assets are used to achieve consensus, which is required to secure the network and ensure the validity of every new transaction to be written to the blockchain. Those who stake their coins in a PoS blockchain are usually called “validators.” For locking their assets and providing services to the blockchain, validators are rewarded with new coins from the network.

A node is a computer with a certain setup that runs the cryptocurrency’s needed software and validates transactions. A miner or staker always operates a so-called full node (complete copy of the blockchain). This way the correctness of transactions are guaranteed. If a miner or staker shows a different set of data, it would immediately stick out as wrong.

All Proof of Stake consensus algorithms are using masternodes. A masternode not only stores all the data of the blockchain, but also has a minimum number of coins that is locked up. With this, a masternode helps with certain tasks/functions on the blockchain, for example verifying transactions, or helping with consensus, providing privacy features or others. For some cryptocurrencies, these have a higher weight in the vote on updates. For providing these functions in a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, masternodes receive rewards from the respective cryptocurrency.

You certainly can if you fulfill the criterias which involves technical knowledge and financial commitment – two of the aspect that only few people are able or want to meet. An important aspect of a masternode is the minimum amount a node must meet. For a Dash Masternode, for example, 1000 coins are necessary.

If a masternode does not meet the minimum requirement, it no longer qualifies as a master node and loses its privileges. This minimum amount always involves a certain amount of coins in the network. Depending on the price of the coin, this amount can be very high to cover as individual. In addition to that, you have to have the needed technical equipment and knowledge.

The more diversified you want to set up your Masternode portfolio, the higher the capital requirements of the individual. The higher the own capital requirement, the higher the risk share in the crypto market. A masternode pool thus offers maximum diversification (distribution) of the risk.

In combination with a life insurance which is borrowed, we achieve that you get a high volume for each contract. Cryptex provides you a fixed investment deposit of $ 43,200.00 USD per contract. No private assets required. This is unique on the market. This is Cryptex DeFi Hybrid Contract.

The returns that are shown on your personal portfolio is net of all fees. It is the return that you are expected to get by Cryptex DeFi Hybrid Contract. However, due to the uncertain nature of blockchain, the returns provided are indicative. We have an automated microservice that calculate the returns every couple of minutes to give you the most up-to-date numbers.

With Auto Compound and Auto purchase, rewards are automatically converted to more staking shares upon rewards confirmation.

Our partners, consisting of leasing companies and offshore investment banks, provide this capital. A life insurance policy is activated for each DeFi Hybrid Contract. Life insurance policy is deposited as security with an investment bank. In return, a loan of USD 43,200.00 will be made available for each DeFi Hybrid Contract.

The loan of 43,200.00 USD provided may only be used for the DeFi Investment Pool. The capital is invested fully automatically in the respective DeFi Pools according to fixed specifications. Cryptex also has no possibility to use this capital for other purposes.

For the loan provided, the investment bank wants between 5% and 6% interest annually. The interests is automatically paid from your personal profits achieved. You do not have to pay any additional amounts or fees during the hole duration. At the end of the year, the fees will be automatically debited from your profits. You can see this in your account summery or statements.

The life insurance is automatically paid from your personal profits achieved. You do not have to pay any additional amounts or fees during the hole duration. At the end of the month, the fees will be automatically debited from your profits. You can see this in your account summery or statements.

Cryptex charges zero deposit fees.

The following amounts are debited from your profit account every month:

*300,00 USD – Monthly life insurance premium per DeFi Hybrid Contract

*30,00 USD – Monthly Managed DeFi Account Fee per DeFi Hybrid Contract

*2.376,00 USD – Annual interest payment of 5,5% for Loan ( annual adjustment ) per DeFi Hybrid Contract

*All fees are automatically debited from your rewards account.

*This means that you do not incur any further costs or other obligations. All fees are financed from the DeFi Hybrid profits generated, which are credited to your personal Cryptex account every day.

You can find detailed information and a complete overview in your personal Cryptex account.

The maximum you can lose is the processing fee of 100,00 USD per Cryptex DeFi Hybrid Contract.
You have no obligation to make additional payments.

Within 48 hours (It may take longer during the weekend).

If your application is rejected, you will receive the full processing fee back within 48 hours.

You can choose between 36 Month, 60 Month and 84 Month.

You can terminate the contract at any time and you will not incur any costs or obligations.

You can apply for up to 20 DeFi Hybrid Contracts without KYC / Verification of documents.
Up to 25 DeFi Hybrid Contracts with KYC / Verification of documents.

Only certain contingents of contracts / volumes are available. If the maximum volume is reached, contracts can no longer be applied for.