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Last Revised : 18th Aug, 2021

Earning with Cryptex Referral Program is as easy as A-B-C. Simply recommend and convince people to join Cryptex to earn a passive income with Cryptex DeFi Hybrid Contract. If you have people who would like to join, , and let them join with this link. You will earn commissions on their daily rewards and let them join with this link. You will earn commissions on their daily rewards.

No – You do not necessarily have to participate in the referral program. You decide for yourself!

There are many ways to reach people and to tell them about Cryptex DeFi Hybrid Contract earning opportunities. Here are some:

– Tell friends, acquaintances and business partners about Cryptex
– Start Marketing Campaigns, such as Banner advertising, Pop-Under, Google Ads, Social Media Ads, Landing Pages and so on
– Start Seminars or Webinars
– Create your own Social Media Channel and share your experiences These are only some of many ways to reach new people.

It is strictly forbidden to create more than one account per person. Should we notice any suspicious activities, trying to hold multiple accounts, for all accounts connected, the access will be denied. If you can’t access your account anymore, and you have a proof that you don’t hold multiple accounts, please contact our support at

Cryptex Affiliate Program is extraordinary! It brings a lot of benefits with.

– 20 Lines Referral Program – Earn commissions from referrals of your referrals.
– No Limits
– Daily Earnings – As long as your referrals have active Cryptex DeFi Hybrid Contracts, you will earn commissions.
– Marketing Materials – Make use of our marketing materials to reach people online.
– Special Solution and Bonus Program for Ambassadors.
– Special Solution and Bonus Program for Leaders.

We have a shiny awesome referral page that you can find in your account at “Referrals”, where you can easily keep track of all your referrals.

Unfortunately, if no referral link or code has been used, we cannot credit any referral bonus to your account. If you feel that it is a fair mistake, please email us at

Yes, you can copy and paste your referral link and/or code and share directly with your network.

Neither the referral link, nor the code have any expiry date.

No, there is no minimum target.

No, there are no limits to how many referrals you can do.

No, there are no limits.

Step 1: Copy your referral link or referral code in your account under “Referrals”.

Step 2: Share the referral link or referral code with your friend(s) and let them know to either use the link or enter the code when signing up.

You can apply at We will then send you further information. You can also apply online using the form provided specifically for this purpose.