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First Hybrid Decentral Finance Instrument. Stop waste your money and buy the worldwide first DeFi Hybrid Contract. Sit back and let Cryptex do the work for you with no risk, less hassle and less worry!

Achieve maximum growth with minimal effort and risk. Worldwide first Risk Free Invest.

Cryptex provides you a fixed investment deposit of $ 43,200.00 USD per contract. No private assets required.

DeFi Hybrid Contract is like getting free mining hardware and electricity.

Users try mining to make more cryptocurrency. Instead of sending your money to a foreign mega-corp to buy mining equipment which shows up late, used, or never at all, you can skip the depreciating asset and electricity bills and just stake your coins.

Massive Whales own most Bitcoin

No active DeFiMi Smart Contract can be frozen – Cannot be shutdown

Skip the hurdles and bureaucracy. *No KYC up to 20 contracts

Earn and help our planet. Each Contract helps to generate more profits. Together we spend 2% ( 1% Cryptex / 1% from You ) to plant trees.

No hidden fees and costs. Cryptex removes Middle Men.

We take our clients privacy very seriously. 100% security guarantee!

Earn with Cryptex up to 20 Levels. Earn as much as you want.