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2017 April The ideas was born – partnership creation.

2018 February Presentation of our project and partnership with insurance companies.

2018 March Presentation of our project and partnership with investment banks.

2018 April Selection of Defi and Staking tools according to strict guidelines.

2018 May Setup Offshore Structure.

2018 August Offline Setup, Test run and optimizing Defi Hybrid Contracts.

2018 November Cryptex Conference and presentation of Defi Hybrid contracts in Singapore.

2019 March Offline Launch and Presale for Clients from Singapore.

2019 July Further optimization and digitization between partners to accelerate the processing of requests.

2020 September Online Launch and expansion in other asian countries.

2020 September Improvement and expansion of data protection to the highest industry standards.

2020 September Expansion of cooperation with partners.

2020 October Available to all customers worldwide – 100% decentralization.

2020 October Improvement and expansion of deposit and withdrawal options.

2020 October Expansion of referral program.

2020 November Update Website Platform Version 2.0 .

2020 December Introduction of the Ambassador and Leader program.

2021 February Sold Out of Cryptex Defi Hybrid 3 years duration staking contracts.

2021 July Development of new transaction options for faster and cheaper transfers.

2021 October Cryptex Automatic Payment Solution with MetaMask – 100% decentralized wallet for easy Buy, store, send and swap!

2021 December Integration with PulseChain PLS. Easy to use – Lower PulseChain fees!

2022 February Update Website Platform Version 3.0 – Faster and more Security!

2022 February Cryptex Defi Hybrid Expansion – New staking pools.

2022 March Update Payment Gateway.

2022 March Update Website Platform Version 4.0 – Faster and more Security!

2022 April Update Website Platform Version 4.2 – Transfer Security and Speed!